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Service Area and Delivery Fees

Our delivery fee is based off of distance and accessibility from our warehouse located on Evansvilles east side. The easiest way for us to accomplish an accurate fee was to base it off of zipcodes. Outside of the Evansville area we base it off of zipcodes and distance to the major city or town in the zip code. 

Q: Why is your delivery fee so high?

A: When you factor in gas, wear and tear on the vehicle, two staff members, and that the trip is actually two round trips you will find our rates are extremely competitive.

Q: I live right on the border of two zip codes. Can you reduce the delivery rate for me?

A: In some instances we are able to offer a lower delivery rate, but we can't guarentee it. Mileage isn't the only calculation we use to determine a delivery fee. We also adjust for time spent traveling if the address isn't easily accessable. Please contact our office for more information.

Q: Do you offer discounts on the delivery fee for multiple units?

A: No we don't. Our delivery fee only includes the cost of travel to and from the rental site.

Q: I have a truck. Can I pick up the inflatable myself?

A: No, and you really don't want to. Our units are not average sized bounce houses. The range in weight from 350 lbs for our bounce and slide combos to 800+ lbs for some of the obstacle courses. It requires training and experience to load, unload, safely setup, and transport our units. It is easy to get hurt, damage the inflatable, or damage property if you don't have the knowledge and right equipment for the job. Leave it to us and enjoy your party. 

Q: My zip code isn't listed, but I really want to rent something from you! Do you deliver outside of your service area?

A: Yes. Please call our office for a quote. 


2015 Service Area Pricing
Zip City Fee
47714 Evansville  $    35.00
47715 Evansville  $    40.00
47713 Evansville  $    40.00
47708 Evansville  $    40.00
47711 Evansville  $    45.00
47710 Evansville  $    45.00
47712 Evansville  $    50.00
47610 Chandler  $    50.00
47630 Newburgh  $    50.00
47601 Boonville  $    75.00
47634 Richland  $    75.00
47613 Elberfeld  $    75.00
47639 Haubstadt  $    75.00
47638 Wadesville  $  100.00
47635 Rockport  $  100.00
47619 Lynnville  $  100.00
47631 New Harmony  $  125.00
47633 Poseyville  $  125.00
47630 Princeton  $  125.00
47648 Fort Branch  $  125.00
47620 Mt Vernon  $  125.00
47665 Owensville  $  150.00
47649 Francisco  $  150.00
47660 Oakland City  $  150.00
47612 Cynthiana  $  175.00
47611 Chrisney  $  175.00
47637 Tennyson  $  175.00
47615 Grandview  $  175.00
47585 Stendal  $  200.00